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15 PhD positions (3.5 years, E13/65%) in the framework of the newly established Frankfurt Centre for Multiscale Modeling in the Life Sciences and the Graduate-School GRADE-iQbio

The Centre collaborates within interdisciplinary theoretical–experimental teams, which develop new quantitative models of biological systems, coupling several temporal or spatial scales. The projects comprise modeling of protein complexes, organelle movement, dynamics of multicellular systems, pattern formation on organismal level, and the dynamic activity of biological networks. Developments in the area of high performance computing and machine learning approaches for the identification of patterns in complex data sets are approached as well. The experimental strategies engage methods like long time pattern tracking in neuroscience, high end light microscopy (light-sheet, super resolution) and high end cryo-electron microscopy and tomography. Experimental and one theoretically oriented PhD will work together in these projects.

We offer positions with focus on computing, modeling and simulation, as well as on quantitative experimental research. We are looking for candidates either with a strong background in theoretical sciences (physics, mathematics, computer science or theoretical biology or chemistry), or excellent students with a degree in experimental physics, biology or chemistry, with very good communication skills and strong interest in interdisciplinary research.

We offer a highly inspiring work atmosphere, exciting and modern research topics bridging theory and experiment, and an excellent infrastructure. Furthermore, the PhD candidates will profit from synergies emerging through the interaction with their experimental / theoretical co-fellow. 

Application deadline is January 31, 2020. Projects will start on April 1, 2020.

More information: 
Frankfurt Centre for Multiscale Modeling in the Life Sciences: CMMS [147]

The FIAS would like to promote women in science and therefore strongly encourages female scientists to apply. People with disabilities are given preferential consideration if they have the same aptitude. 

Please upload your electronic documents in one pdf file (!) including a letter of motivation and your CV. For application click here.