7. Juli 2022 11:00 Uhr / Wissenschaftler

CMMS Talks

Dr. Arne Nägel hält den Abschlussvortrag der CMMS Talks-Reihe im Sommersemester 2022

Veranstaltungsort: Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Lecture Hall

Am 07.07.2022 um 11 Uhr hält Dr. Arne Nägel im Rahmen der CMMS Talks einen Vortrag über "Coupled PDE Problems in Porous Media and Life Sciences"​.


Solvers for Coupled PDE Problems in Porous Media and Life Sciences


For many applications in porous media and life science, problems are expressed as transient, non-linearly coupled systems of partial differential equations. Designing efficient solvers in this context is a delicate task, as suitable schemes for discretization, time integration and (non-) linear solution must be combined. We present a unified framework that combines linearly-implicit extrapolation with a scalable multigrid solver, which is thus suitable for HPC systems.

Efficacy and effectiveness of the approach are demonstrated for different applications from life sciences and for flow in the subsurface. We investigate robustness of the numerical methods, discuss suitable error estimators and analyze the scaling behavior.

Goethe Center for Scientific Computing (G-CSC)