6. November 2023 09:00 Uhr / Studierende

2023 Giersch Winter School "Condensed Complexity"

– The Essence of Information Processing and Cognition?

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Veranstaltungsort: FIAS

The advance of computational power has recently enabled in-depth studies of complex systems such as the brain, biological cells and tissues, and cosmic structures. Moreover, deep learning has emerged not only as a tool, but also as a topic of investigation itself. At this school, the participants will learn about forefront numerical techniques in science, and how they can be adapted to the problems and scales under study.

2023 Giersch School Highlights:

• Leading scientists applying advanced numerical techniques.

• Broad range of topics: molecules, cells, neural networks, cosmic structures.

• Recent computational approaches for various scales.

• Techniques adaptation and combination for precise problem-solving.

• Participants will also participate in and contribute to the 2023 Giersch International

Conference (Nov 8 - 10). There they get the opportunity to start networking with

world-renowned scientists.

Who Can Apply:

• Ph.D. students in natural and computer sciences.

• Travel grant of 300€ available for participants.