12. Januar 2023 14:00 Uhr / Wissenschaftler

CMMS Talks

Prof. Dr. Anna Marciniak-Czochra zu Gast bei CMMS Talks

Veranstaltungsort: Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Lecture Hall

Am 12.01.2023 hält Prof. Dr. Anna Marciniak-Czochra einen Vortrag mit dem Titel "Mechanisms of symmetry-breaking and developmental pattern formation: Insights from mathematical modelling".


Mechanisms of symmetry-breaking and developmental pattern formation: Insights from mathematical modelling

In this talk, I show how different pattern formation concepts may stand challenges arising from the current experimental research. Complexity of pattern formation in Hydra, which is a model organism of developmental biology, motivates analysis of different pattern formation mechanisms. Specifically, Turing-style morphogen-based models are compared to models coupling diffusive or mechanical signalling with nonlinear intracellular feedbacks.  The first class of models is based on reaction-diffusion-ODE systems, a coupling that yields destabilisation of all close-to-equilibrium (Turing) patterns and emergence of far-from-equilibrium patterns with jump-discontinuities. Patterning potential of mechano-chemical interactions is investigated using 4th order partial differential equations models coupling dynamics of diffusing molecular signals with tissue deformation. >span class="" lang="EN-GB"> >span class=""> model that explores patterning ability of Wnt/B-catenin-Dkk signalling system. The presented mutual inhibition model goes beyond the classical activator-inhibitor model and shows that a molecular mechanism based on mutual inhibition may replace the local activation/long-range inhibition loop. The new model is validated using a range of perturbation experiments. It resolves several contradictions between previous models and experimental data, and provides an explanation for the interplay between injury response and pattern formation.