7. März 2018 14:00 Uhr / Wissenschaftler


FIAS Lectures on complexity (in Englisch)


Veranstaltungsort: FIAS 0.100

Complexity science deals with the offspring, or emergence, of large scale order and structure, in open, non-equilibrium systems. Unexpected and unpredicted order can emerge from simple interactions among myriads of individuals, or degrees of freedom. Phase transitions and their implied criticality give rise to natural phenomena and properties that form a new, higher level of order which can not be deduced from the properties at the microscopic level. Examples range from the emergence of space and time in the cosmological evolution, to the evolution of the biosphere, to economic growth, or consciousness. One may seek for a new kind of natural laws governing dynamical systems of nature. The event adresses itself to the scientific community – from graduate students to senior scientists.


14.00 The Quest for Laws and Structure in Complex Systems

Prof. Dr. Philippe Blanchard Universität Bielefeld

15.00 Genomes, Brains, Societies: Self-organization and criticality

in complex natural systems

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bornhold Universität Bremen

16.00 Coffee break

16.30 Understanding Evolution as a Complex System

Prof. Dr. Stefan Thurner Medizinische Universität Wien

17.30 Discussion with all speakers

afterwards we invite all participants to a light Buffet-Dinner 

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