3. April 2023 14:00 Uhr / Alle

Neuroinformatics Science Speed Dating: From computational neuroscience to AI

new FIAS fellow Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa

Veranstaltungsort: FIAS lecture hall

In this overview talk, I will present several short projects reflecting the current research agenda of the Neuroinformatics group to provide links for possible future collaborations.

This includes two computational neuroscience projects on dendritic computing for rank order coding and noise-induced coherence to model spiking activity underlying visual perception. We then move to computational AI and machine learning. The first project study highlights that the embodied agents in virtual worlds of deep reinforcement learning allow for sparse and meaningful representation with the potential for one-shot learning. We move then to modeling and identifying dynamical systems based on machine learning at the edge of bifurcations and apply this to covid-19 modeling. For a smooth ending, we then transition into a philosophical discussion on the use of AI in an autonomous system based on large-scale behavioral studies with more than 30000 participants.

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