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Current status and future perspectives in particle therapy

This years Giersch Symposium, will be held form October 16-27 at FIAS in Frankfurt with its main focus on cancer therapy with particle beams. With the start of the first clinical facility with dual ion options (protons and carbon) in Heidelberg, Germany, in 2009 the interest in hadrontherapy has been constantly growing. New facilites are emerging in Europe and have started the treatment of patients: MIT in Marburg, MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt and CNAO in Pavia.

The Symposium will bring together leading international experts in the field of hadrontherapy to discuss the present status of the field and to identify the challenges for the future. 

The main topics of the Symposium will be

  • Physical challenges in particle therapy
  • Related areas in medicine and biology
  • RBE modeling
  • Moving tumors
  • Clinical evidence in particle therapy
  • New options for heavy ion therapy
  • and further related areas

Coupled with the Conference, there will be a Summer School for young researchers from October 23.-27. Under the topic: "Heavy Ion Physics - From Fundamentals to Applications", leading experts will teach about the fundamentals and the (medical) applications of heavy ion physics up to applications in areas which one does not expect physics to play a role.  

The second "Giersch International Symposium", will take place at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. The conference series, funded by STIFTUNG GIERSCH gives young scientists the opportunity to learn from well known, exceptional reasearchers and to expand their networks. 

The Symposium is organized by

  • Marcus Bleicher, FIAS & U Frankfurt (co-chair)
  • Rita Engenhart-Cabilic, MIT & U Marburg (co-chair)
  • Ekkehard Dikomey, U Marburg
  • Christian Graeff, GSI Helmholtzzentrum
  • Andrea Wittig, U Jena
  • Klemens Zink, THM, U Marburg & FIAS

Local organisation:

Eike Schädel

Patricia Till

Sascha Vogel