FIAS - Students


The students at FIAS include all Bachelor, Master, and PhD students who are supervised by FIAS fellows. Since December 2018 they are represented by:

Danylo Batulin

Office: 1|401 (FIAS)
Phone: +49 69 798 47530

Camile Kunz

Camile Kunz

Life Sciences

Office: 2|203 (FIAS)
Phone: +49 69 798 47524

Sigrid Trägenap


Office: 1|300 (FIAS)
Phone: +49 69 798 47503

Usefull links:

  • If you're a FIAS member, check out the FIAS internal wiki page and forums (log in with your FIAS Redmine account). 
  • If you're about to join FIAS and don't have an account yet, check out this wiki for newcomers.
  • Our calendar lists all events at FIAS that you might find interesting.
  • Check out our graduate school: FIGSS addresses all PhD students of FIAS.
  • The Goethe University graduate school GRADE (also offers services to postdocs).
  • The Goethe Welcome Center of the university for students and postdocs from abroad.
  • The Internationaler Studientreff for international students.