Let's celebrate together

FIAS is turning 20! Since 2004, FIAS has brought together brilliant minds from physics, neuroscience, life sciences, computer science, and AI. Founded by two scientists as Germany's first Institute for Advanced Studies, FIAS has grown into a flexible, research-driven foundation funded by donations and public funds. To celebrate our development, we've prepared exciting events for the second half of 2024, including lectures, interactive exhibitions, and discussions.


  • June 21: Night of Science
  • July 6: Open House
  • August 23-25: Interactive Exhibition at MGGU
  • September 19: FIAS Forum "70 Years of CERN"
  • November 28: FIAS Forum "Living Collaboration"
  • December 5: 20th Anniversary Ceremony
  • More about 20 years of FIAS


    If you have any questions about the event or how to register, please contact our events team: fias20jahre_at_fias.science