May 23, 2024 6:00 PM / Everyone

FIAS Forum: Knowledge, trust & responsibility in the age of machine learning

Ethical and epistemological aspects

FIAS Forum Simon Ethik

Prof. Dr. Judith Simon from the University of Hamburg will be speaking. She will talk about current challenges and ethical issues in information technology.

How can we ensure that technological development is in line with our ethical values? Can we trust AI - and should we? 'What responsibility do we bear in the design and use of information technology?' - questions like these have been central to the debate on advancing digitalization and artificial intelligence in recent years.

In the upcoming lecture, Professor Judith Simon, an expert in ethics in information technology at the University of Hamburg, will examine precisely this interweaving of ethical, epistemological and political questions in the context of big data, artificial intelligence and digitalization. As a member of the German Ethics Council and various other bodies for scientific policy advice, she brings comprehensive perspectives to the discussion.

The lecture will held be in German!

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Event details:

Date: 23.05.2024
Start of lecture: 18:00 
Reception: Small reception following the lecture (pre-registration required)
Location: FIAS Lecture Hall

About FIAS Forum:

The FIAS Forum is back and will present current topics from the natural sciences and the social debate four times a year in a scientific and at the same time understandable way. This enables exciting discussions about the acute challenges in scientific research and their influence on our society. 

After the lecture, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speaker and other FIAS scientists at a small reception. 


Participation in the event is free of charge. However, due to limited capacity for the reception afterwards, we kindly ask you to register in advance.

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