April 24, 2024 3:30 PM / Everyone

Science Show: How does our brain work?

Frankfurt hat Hirn Live

Frankfurt hat Hirn

Venue: Jugend-Kultur-Kirche St. Peter

Discover the fascination of the human brain at "Frankfurt hat Hirn" - a show that combines science and entertainment.

Since the evening event was booked out in no time at all, the Hertie Foundation, together with Frankfurt's neuroscientific institutions, invites you to the

Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at 3:30 pm 

(admission 15:00) at the Jugend-Kultur-Kirche St. Peter (Bleichstraße 33, 60313 Frankfurt am Main) for the public dress rehearsal.

"Frankfurt hat Hirn" offers deep insights into the world of neuroscience in an entertaining way: whether high school pupils, students or simply the curious - it will be interesting!

The program includes a variety of exciting acts: Johannes Sassenroth (hr3) leads through the evening, the brain acrobat and mental magician Dr. Harry Keaton enchants the audience. Impressive 'Flash Talks' from the neuroscientific institutions of the Main metropolis offer fascinating insights into current research results. On the big screen, "Dr. Mondino" explains the human brain in a humorous way and at the Science Fair you can get very close to science.

Note: The event will be held in german.

Please only register for the public dress rehearsal via the link below: