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We welcome researchers at PhD candidate or Postdoc level located at Goethe University, at FIAS or other cooperating institutions who work on research projects in the field of life sciences either with quantitative, multiscale or theoretical approaches to participate and join our Center.

Two simple ways to become a member of IQbio:

The easiest ever

If you are registered with GRADE, please contact us directly.

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The easy one

1. Admission to one of Goethe University’s faculties

As a PhD candidate, you have been admitted by one of Goethe University’s departments. If you are from another institution, please contact the coordinator so that we can help with identifying the best departments.

As Postdoc of Goethe University you are affiliated with one of the faculties to work on your project or your habilitation. If you are from another institution with a cooperation agreement with Goethe University, you can become member of the Center as well. If you are not sure about the status of your institution or if you come from an institution without cooperation agreement, contact the coordinator to arrange a co-affiliation.  

2. Application to GRADE

After step 1, you need to register with the “Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers” (GRADE). When filling out the GRADE registration form, you indicate your interest in becoming a member of the GRADE Center IQbio. The registration form is available in the GRADE media library.

3. Affiliation with GRADE Center IQbio

GRADE forwards the information on your interest to become a member of the GRADE Center IQbioto us. We will contact you via e-mail and ask you to fill out a form in which you tell us about the thematic focus of your research project as well as your interests with regard to research contents and methods.


Please send completed membership applications to Patricia Vogel. If you have any questions regarding membership and IQbio, she will also be happy to help you. 

office: 1|101 (FIAS) 
phone: +49 69 798 47688