March 6, 2020 11:00 AM / Scientists

Modelling and Simulation of Collective Cell Migration:

Cross-diffusion and Attracting/Repelling Nonlocal Interactions

Cell Migration Alf Gerisch
© Dr. Alf Gerisch

Venue: FIAS Hörsaal

Prof. Dr. Alf Gerisch will give a talk on March 6th, 11 am, at FIAS 100. An abstract can be found below:

PDE models of collective cell migration, for instance of taxis-diffusion-reaction type, can lead to the aggregation of cells beyond any biologically meaningful bound. This can be alleviated, e.g., by considering volume filling taxis terms and/or by considering nonlocal interactions to model effects like cell-cell and -matrix adhesion or contact-inhibition of locomotion. Furthermore, in those models, cell random motility is often included in the form of Fick's law of diffusion which is unreasonable in crowded tissue regions; considering cross-diffusion can lead to more realistic, in some instances surprising results. I will in this talk discuss these concepts from a modelling and a numerical perspective.

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