March 2, 2018 1:00 PM / Everyone

Quantization in curved spacetime

Frank Antonsen

Venue: FIAS 0.100

An interesting approach to field quantization in curvilinear spacetime has been developed by Frank Antonsen from Copenhagen, going back to Wigner, Weyl and Moyal. It is based on the covariant Wigner function formalism. He will visit us on the 2nd of March and give a special seminar talk at FIAS.

Deformation quantization provides an alternative quantization procedure, which can be used to handle systems that have otherwise been difficult to quantize.

  • It can be proven that this approach is mathematically well defined for all symplectic man- ifolds.
  • Even for systems without a direct classical analogue, e.g. spin systems, it turns out that such a generalized phasespace can indeed be uniquely defined.
  • It is well suited to handle systems with constraints.
  • It makes the classical limit explicit and well defined.