October 25, 2023 2:00 PM / Everyone

Quantum Innovation at the Interface of Materials and Information

Joint FIAS – Goethe University colloquium on Perspectives in Science

Steven Rayan
© Steven Rayan

Venue: FIAS Lecture Hall

On Oct. 25, 2023, FIAS and Goethe University will host a joint colloqium under the heading "Science Perspectives". Professor Steven Rayan will speak. The director of the Centre for Quantum Topology and Its Applications (quanTA) and Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Saskatchewan, he is a specialist in quantum computing and quantum materials.


Quantum devices such as quantum computers require quantum ingredients, which has driven many recent innovations in material science.  New approaches to synthetically engineering materials, based on negatively-curved geometries, are leading not only to novel functionality in the resultant materials but also to new ways of interacting with quantum information.  We describe these emerging developments and how they might influence the next phase of quantum computing, quantum security, and quantum imaging — including medical imaging.