August 28, 2019 4:00 PM / Everyone

Why stochastic climate models are more accurate than their deterministic counterparts

Venue: Physik-Gebäude, Erdgeschoss, Seminarraum PHYS_.102

Speaker: Prof. Tim Palmer, Department of Physics, University of Oxford

Climate models are providing an increasingly important role, for example in helping society understand the consequences of our past and ongoing carbon emissions. The models are based on well-known deterministic partial differential equations. However, because any numerical representation of these underlying equations is necessarily approximate, climate models are imperfect simulators of climate. In this talk Prof. Palmer describes a number of reasons why, despite this underlying determinism, it is better for both physical and computational reasons to treat the numerical equations of motion as partially stochastic. The reasons for so doing may be relevant in other areas of computational science.

Time and place:

Time: August 28, 16:00

Place: seminar room PHYS 2.116, 2nd floor of the Physics building