Building access

IT/building access

Using our kiosk system in the foyer, you can check your personal access tag (card or token) for pending extensions or other updates. Simply put your tag onto the terminal at the front of the kiosk system. The system will then automatically apply any potentially prepared update, and provide you with feedback just a few seconds later. This may be needed, for example, for continued access to your office, while continued building/corridor access does not require an explicit action by the tag holder.

In case of a lost tag or problems, or if you would like to apply for, extend or change IT or building access authorization, as well as to coordinate handover, please contact:


You will receive further information from us.

If you get a delivery error on attempt to contact above address, please make sure you are using a sender email address known to FIAS. If you are not a regular FIAS member and have not registered yet, you may do so once at:

Your email address will be stored and enabled exclusively for the purpose of communication as initiated by you. You may find privacy-related and other information on above registration page as well as in our privacy notice (link at the bottom).

Please note that fundamental access applications typically have to be issued by the group leader, or may require coordination with the administration. Preparation may take several days, so please be sure to send your request sufficiently early.

For initial access, please also include required information such as type of access (IT and/or building), status/function of the person, intended room number, first day of access, and (even tentative) last day of access.