Current measures to prevent COVID-19 / June 6, 2022

Current measures to prevent COVID-19 valid from June 06, 2022

The following measures for the work at FIAS and the GSC building apply as of June 6, 2022:

  • Wearing a face masks (medical / FFP2/ KN95) is still recommended but not mandatory inside the FIAS/GSC building while approaching common rooms or other FIAS members in general (excluded: own workspace). In addition, the distance rules (1.5m) and hygiene rules remain in place and constant ventilation is recommended.
  • Office occupancy: 2 person (3 in corner offices) may work together in one office. Please coordinate your office attendances independently within the users of your office. Homeoffice/ mobile working is still recommended in case the allowed number of persons is exceeded. The distance rules (1.5m) and hygiene rules remain in place and constant ventilation is recommended.
  • On-Site Meetings / Workshops are allowed. The allowed number of participants depends on the room size and is indicated at each seminar room. Masks may be taken off during the meeting/workshop as long as the distance of 1.5 m is kept. The hygiene rules remain in place, frequent ventilation or the use of the room air purification devices must be ensured.
  • Business trips are only permitted to areas of no variants of concern, and approval can only ever be granted conditionally. The current regulations of the federal government must be respected.
  • The GSC and FIAS buildings remain partly locked to omit any public exchange.
  • In consequence, the work is officially possible under application of the above formulated regulations.
  • Access is generally only allowed if the person is free of cold/corona symptoms.
  • We would like to point out that persons whose employment relationship is not with FIAS are additionally obliged to follow the service instructions of their respective employer!
  • If more drastic changes are applied by the German Government and the State of Hesse we will adopt the rules.

Please, stay healthy and productive!

The FIAS Board of Directors