Measures of the current COVID-19 prevention / 2 November 2020

According to the restrictions set by the German Government and the restrictions of the City of Frankfurt the following measures for FIAS are valid until 31 Dec 2020 or further notice:

  • Face masks (covering mouth and nose and without valve) must be worn inside the FIAS building while approaching common rooms or other FIAS members in general. Excluded are: own workspace and meetings (while sitting), as long as the distance rule of 1.5 m is kept. Chin shields are not an alternative to face masks.
  • One person per room policy for all offices. Please arrange with roommates that this rule can be followed! In case more people work in one office please organize a shift system for the office or an alternative room occupancy plan. Tele working as alternative needs to be discussed and approved by your group leader. Under all circumstances the 1.5 m distance rule has to be kept.
  • If a direct contact for support by administration and IT is needed, please contact administration/ IT beforehand and wear a face mask while approaching the people.
  • Events with more than 6 people in seminar rooms and 15 people in the lecture hall are not allowed in FIAS. The organizer has to take care that a 1.50 m distance is kept at all times (entering, meeting, leaving).
  • We strongly recommend to only hold online meeting-sessions.
  • Regular teaching activities are not yet allowed in FIAS.
  • If external participants attend a meeting a list of participants is required. Guests must be registered by the FIAS host and the data must be kept for 2 weeks.
  • International guests and returning travelers at FIAS are only allowed after a FIAS absence of 2 weeks OR negative Sars-Cov-2 testing after 5 days of returning (if more drastic changes are applied by the German Government we will adopt the rules.). Even if the test is negative, a 14-day homeoffice period is recommended. The return to the FIAS may only take place if the person is completely free of symptoms.
  • The costs for a Sars-Cov-2 test will not be reimbursed by FIAS.
  • The GSC and FIAS building remain locked to omit any public exchange.

In consequence, the work in FIAS is officially possible under application of the above formulated regulations. If drastic changes are applied by the German Government we will adopt the rules.

Please, stay healthy and productive!

Enrico Schleiff, on behalf of the board of FIAS