The „Giersch International Symposion“ is a conference series funded by STIFTUNG GIERSCH gives young scientists the opportunity to learn from well known, exceptional reasearchers and to expand their networks.

Events Overview

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Giersch International Symposium 2018

Neurons face a variety of logistics challenges. They need to organize the production, transport, storage, and recycling of various molecules such as neurotransmitters, mRNA, and proteins to fill their extensive dendritic and axonal arbors. This first workshop on the logistics of neuronal function brought together leading experimentalists, theoreticians, and method developers to exchange ideas on fundamental questions.

Giersch International Symposium 2017

The second Giersch Symposium, was held from October 16-27 at FIAS in Frankfurt with its main focus on cancer therapy with particle beams. With the start of the first clinical facility with dual ion options (protons and carbon) in Heidelberg, Germany, in 2009, the interst in hadrontherapy has been constantly growing. The Symposium brought together leading international experts in the field of hadrontherapy to discuss the present status of the field and to identify the challenges for the future.

Giersch International Symposium 2016

In 2016, the conference was held from September 19-30 with its main focus on quantum gravity. The first week (Sep 19-23) was a conference supplemented with introductionary lectures aimed at students. The second week (Sep 26-30), organized by FIAS together with the graduate school "HGS-HIRe for FAIR", provided student lectures that covered a broader range of topics related to research at FIAS.