April 26, 2020 9:30 AM / Scientists

Theoretical and Experimental Quantitative Cell Biology

Giersch – Summer school & International Conference

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Venue: FIAS

ATTENTION: The event will be postponed due to the coronavirus. A new date will be announced shortly. The scientific networks DynaMem, CMMS, ‘Xidian-FIAS Joint Research Center’ (XF-JRC), the Rhein-Main Universities, and the graduate program GRADE – iQbio are pleased to offer an international summer school on theoretical and experimental quantitative Cell Biology. The summer school consists of a 3 day conference with leading scientists in the field followed by a practical part completed by theory lectures in the other 3 days.

A simultaneous quantitative recording of different, partially complementary properties on different scales of a biological system enables the conception of mathematical and computer based models for their description and, out of it derived, their knowledge based experimental or therapeutically manipulation. Multi-scale and multi-physics models of biological systems facilitate an experimentally provable and distinct formulation of the properties of biological processes and allow a hypothesis-driven optimization of following experiments.

The aims of our Giersch – Summer school & International Conference are:

  1. We aim to foster exchange between experimental and theoretical research by creating a platform for networking
  2. We aim to present cutting edge science in the afore mentioned research field  
  3. We aim to present cutting edge methods from the experimental and theoretical field of multiscale biology 

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